BMI welcomes the EWB delegation back from Tanzania following a successful trip in April 2023

The delegation focused on various projects, including a new collaboration between Israel, the United States, Germany, and Tanzania for drinking water.

Webinar: Main Small water disinfection systems

Prof. Hadas Mamane-Stindl attends the IWA seminar on UV light and the role of women in remote communities
January 31, 2023

BMI will send four representatives to the IIASA-Israel Symposium on Sustainability Pathways empowered by Systems Analysis

IIASA-IL Symposiums will focus on developing strategic solutions using applied systems analysis and how these systems interact with the public and private sectors.

BMI graduate Dr. Gideon Segev won the prestigious R&D 100 Award

BMI graduate Dr. Gideon Segev, among six other researchers, won the prestigious R&D 100 award for developing a Solar Fuel Generator Including a Catalytic Mesh

Announcing structural changes in BMI

Letter from Head of BMI, Prof. Itai Sened

BMI and faculty of social sciences host ‘Noar Shoher Mada’

Noar Shoher Mada is a project, which gives gifted high-school children a chance to study at a university without going through final exams or SATs.

Israel and the Global Water Challenge: A Conversation with Seth M. Siegel

In emerging economies, billions of people still require access to reliable, safe water supplies. Can Israeli know-how and innovation help? How can we realize this potential on the ground?

BMI’s 7th Annual Conference

After two long years of Covid restrictions, our 7th research conference, took place in a hybrid format.

Research grant for BMI researcher

Professor Hadas Mamane (BMI Water lab) together with Dr. Vered Blass recently won a 230,000 euro grant to fund new research.

ISF Grant to Dr. Oren Danieli

Dr. Oren Danieli won the grant for his research: “The Rise of Populistic Parties around the World – a Statistical Breakdown”