BMI will Support the “Tzahai” initiative for Empowering Ethiopian Women

During the coming year, BMI will support the “Tzahai” initiative, a program designed to empower Ethiopian women to participate in leadership roles in their communities, societies, and political institutions.

A new publication by Eve Gutterman

Eve’s joint publication briefly introduces models and basic design principles of community currency systems from economic and network analytical perspectives.

BMI’s 7th Annual Conference

After two long years of Covid restrictions, our 7th research conference, took place in a hybrid format.

BMI Fellow will moderate discussion at Fintech Week Tel Aviv

As part of the fintech week in Tel Aviv, BMI Fellow Eve Gutterman will moderate a fascinating discussion about the future of Fin-Tech.

Dr. Yaffe in the TAU 100 excellent lecturers list

Dr. Nechumi Yaffe of BMI’s Inequality Lab has been included in the list of TAU’s 100 excellent lecturers.
Well done!

ISF Grant to Dr. Oren Danieli

Dr. Oren Danieli won the grant for his research: “The Rise of Populistic Parties around the World – a Statistical Breakdown”