BMI and faculty of social sciences host ‘Noar Shoher Mada’

BMI and the Faculty of Social Sciences host 'Noar Shoher Mada'

Jul 26, 2022



Noar Shoher Mada is a project, which gives gifted high-school children a chance to study at a university without going through final exams or SATs. Those students can take any course they want and can even get a first degree before finishing high school.

In order to advance the Institute’s mission of providing policy solutions to global challenges, three interdisciplinarity lectures will be presented pertaining to sustainable development and formulation of robust policy solutions in a changing environment to provide these young people with the essential tools for metacognition and problem solving.

Tuesday, 26/07/22, 15:30-17:00

Matanel Garden at the faculty of Social Sciences, TAU



15:30 – Gathering


15:45 – Opening Remarks:

  • Ami Buganim – CEO, Matanel Foundation
  • Prof. Itai Sened – Dead of faculty of Social Sciences, TAU

16:00 – Three Lectures

  • Prof. Hadas Mamane – challenges and solutions in the field of water and sanitation
  • Dr. Ram Fishman – sustainable development challenges
  • Alon Shepon – environmental Issues 


17:00 – Q&A Panel