Announcing structural changes in BMI

Announcing structural changes in BMI

Letter from Head of BMI, Prof. Itai Sened

Aug 30, 2022

Challenges, we have a lot to be proud of the institute has had a very significant contribution to the body of knowledge and policy reforms in the fields of sustainable water and energy resources. We helped global communities prepare and resort to new structures of renewable energy and water supplies. We have also contributed significantly to the emergence of a new breed of knowledge regarding conflict management and resolution.


Unfortunately, the war in Ukraine had our heads spinning with grief over the unnecessary loss of lives and property. We thus turned our attention to this disastrous outcome that became what we believe to be the most significant challenge currently facing the globe. In a series of public and closed discussions with the outstanding group of scholars that has, by now, gathered around the institute to create the BMI community of research and knowledge, we have learned to associate this sad event with the failure of existing economic and political institutions at the national and global level. Thus, this has become the new focus of research at the institute.


Given the magnitude and urgency of the task, the institute has restructured itself to better address it in the most efficient way:

Much is awaiting us this coming year as we focus our attention on the new global challenges awaiting our outstanding efforts to find strategic policy solutions to address them.


Professor Itai Sened 

Head of The Boris Mints Institute for Strategic Policy Solutions to Global Challenges