Celebrating the BMI – Eilat Eilot collaboration

The Boris Mints Institute is proud to state that Prof. Sened, head of BMI and Dean of the Social Sciences Faculty has received a certificate of appreciation from the Eilat-Eilot Center.

On the Economic Feasibility of Using Nuclear Energy to Produce Electricity in Israel

Lior Gallo, BMI Fellow
Academic Advisors: Prof. Asher Tishler, Professor Emeritus, Coller School of Management & Prof. Itai Sened, Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences

A feasibility study & building a model for managing storage and a virtual power station using electric vehicles in long-term parking lots at airports

Aviram Ohad, BMI Fellow
Academic Advisors: Prof. Itai Sened, Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences & Prof. Asher Tischler, Coller School of Management

Heavy Metal Contamination in Developing Countries & Affordable Self-maintaining Ultrafiltration Home Water Treatment

Eitan Yosef Benson, BMI Fellow
Academic Advisor: Prof. Hadas Mamane, Faculty of Engineering

When helping is a wolf in a sheep’s clothing – how the interplay of norms and threat perceptions can maintain social inequality

Dr. Nadine Knab, BMI Postdoctoral Fellow
Academic Advisor: Dr. Boaz Hameiri, School of Social and Policy Studies

Conflicts as Processes: An Attempt at an Interdisciplinary Modern Conflict Typology

Petr Pesov, BMI Fellow
Academic Advisor: Prof. Udi Sommer, Department of Political Science

Dr. Yaela Golumbic Joins BMI

Dr. Yaela Golumbic is a prominent researcher in science communication and citizen science at Tel Aviv University’s Steinhardt Museum of Natural History.

BMI Welcomes Eden Pridan

The research focuses on the impacts of climate disruptions on the supply chains of critical foods and national security.

Yan Zheng joins BMI

Yan will join as a postdoctoral fellow of the BMI Demography Lab and Healthy Longevity Research Center in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Tel Aviv University.

Noy Calif joins BMI

After being part of BMI as an assistant to Dr. Boaz Hameiri’s research in the field of Conflict Resolution, Noy will start independent research in BMI