The RISE Discussions #2

The RISE Discussions #2

Nov 25, 2021

The second event in the RISE Discussions series was conducted as a hybrid in-person/virtual event, on the topic of Nature based Solutions (NbS). We were joined by experts in policy and environmental engineering, each representing a different NbS approach to developing a sustainable future.


14:00-15:00 | Presentations from NbS Experts

In this session, four experts from academia, private industry, and policy analysis, presented projects and research relating to different NbS technologies, and their applications in the real world in a variety of settings. Presentations are geared towards a generalist, non-technical audience, and will last 15 minutes each.

15:00-16:30 | Panel Discussion: A Generalised Approach to NbS​

A cross-disciplinary, cross-sector panel of NbS experts joined a moderated panel discussing how to approach implementing NbS technologies effectively. Questions were sourced both from the audience and the experts themselves, in order to lead an open and productive dialogue focussed on NbS tech. and policy.