Lior Gallo, BMI Fellow

Academic Advisors:

Prof. Asher Tishler, Professor Emeritus, Coller School of Management & Prof. Itai Sened, Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences

Research project:

On the Economic Feasibility of Using Nuclear Energy to Produce Electricity in Israel

Over the course of the research fellowship, Lior has been actively engaged in the establishment of The Israel Futuristic Electricity System Research Lab, collaborating closely with esteemed PhD candidates and industry professionals who specialize in electricity policy. This exciting initiative includes the invaluable contributions of renowned academics, such as Professor Itai Sened, Professor Asher Tishler, Professor Vered Blass, and Dr. Irena Milstein. Within this dynamic forum, Lior had the privilege of presenting my work on two occasions. During the first presentation, he shared insights from a report he published as a chapter in the Bank of Israel’s annual report. This report focused on environmental and energy policy in Israel, particularly in relation to the nation’s determined contribution to the IPCC. The presentation highlighted the critical aspects of environmental considerations in shaping Israel’s energy policies. The second presentation provided an overview of his ongoing PhD thesis, which is centered on investigating the economic feasibility of introducing nuclear energy for electricity production in Israel. This comprehensive thesis is developed in close collaboration with his supervisors, and its outline is meticulously structured. The study commences with an introduction that sets the context and significance of examining nuclear energy implementation. The subsequent literature review explores energy markets and electricity markets, encompassing various elements like production, transmission, distribution, supply, and the role of Independent System Operators (ISOs). Competitive and centralized models in electricity markets are also scrutinized, with a specific focus on Israel’s unique electricity market.  Another essential aspect of the thesis explores the technical, safety, economic, and environmental facets of nuclear energy in electricity production. Throughout this section, Lior delves into models of optimal capacity mix, considering the interplay between nuclear technology, natural gas, photovoltaic cells, and storage solutions. As the report concludes, he reflects on the significant progress made during the past year, which includes formulating the thesis outline, advancing the literature review, and completing relevant courses. Additionally, his active participation in The Israel Futuristic Electricity System Research Lab has been instrumental in shaping his research journey. The upcoming phases entail finalizing the literature review, conducting empirical analysis, and preparing the crucial results and conclusions section of the thesis.