Aviram Ohad, BMI Fellow

Academic Advisors

Prof. Itai Sened, Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences & Prof. Asher Tischler, Coller School of Management

Research project:

A feasibility study & building a model for managing storage and a virtual power station using electric vehicles in long-term parking lots at airports

After a comprehensive study in which articles and previous studies were reviewed about virtual power plants and the correlation between the load profile of an institution and the storage volume of a fleet of electric vehicles, it was found that such a study does not exist and it is possible that the establishment of a network of chargers for long-term parking lots may exist only in a model of sharing and diverting loads to the network. A literature review was performed about the previous studies, and the engineering challenges involved in building such a model were studied. It was decided that Ben Gurion Airport would be a case study for implementing the model, and contact was made with the airport managers to coordinate cooperation and receive energy consumption data. During the second semester, a mathematical model was built in which the objective function was to minimize energy consumption, but in a mid-term meeting, it was determined that it would be better to build a model that would maximize the economic profit and also minimize the energy losses.